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The mobile park of the Local Police has two electric cars of 16 kW, two electric motorcycles and two electric scooters. In the context of the Scootcity project, "Development of a communication platform for the use of the electric scooter as an information collection element in smart cities", the scooters act as an instrument of environmental control for the city.

To do this, 2 other electric scooters have been adapted for use by the Local Police, allowing the project to provide typical fleet mobility utilities (location and optimization of routes, autonomy and recharging points, etc.) as well as other utility services of the city, such as monitoring air quality or the level of noise pollution.

On the other hand, mobile devices (tablets) for data consultation (DNI and registration) have been deployed for Local Police patrols, with the aim of reducing the need for the use of radio communications and operators of the Municipal Emergency Center (CME). The project aims to offer the possibility of carrying out part of the consultation work that is currently done via radio in a direct way, freeing the staff of the 092 and associated operators in neighborhoor Police stations. It also offers the possibility of using the means provided by the devices (photo and video camera) for obtaining images and processing various files. The communications are integrated into the corporate network of Intranet RCAM through the corporate APN using the 3G / 4G service for intranet access.