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A model of participatory management in the Policy Making has fostered the deployment of the necessary tools to adequately characterize the sources of noise and thepublic interaction that allows to sensitize society to all the levels:

  • Diagnose the public perception of the problem of noise in the affected areas.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of inclusive management policies based on Policy Making 3.0 models.
  • Characterize adequately the noise in the Areas of Interest.

The objective has been to go a step further in the characterization of leisure noise in the city of Malaga, offering a citizen-centered approach, which allows to adequately and accurately characterize the noise in the affected areas, both from the point of view of the registered levels, as well as of the subjective impact that this has on the citizens, in such a way that the citizen is involved in order to achieve an interaction that makes it possible to raise awareness in society at all levels.