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The City of Malaga has a system for monitoring air quality based on the acquisition, storage and processing of environmental information through sensors. Specifically, there are 59 environmental monitoring units distributed throughout the city (3 fixed, 15 mobile, 40 low cost mobile and 1 mobile laboratory). The data collected is delay sent through GPRS / Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the corresponding serversand finally available to the public through the City’s Open Data portal.

The 15 mobile units are located in postal delivery carts. In addition, 40 cyclists participate voluntarily who have low-cost mobile devices on their bicycles, which provide qualitative data on air quality. Through a mobile application, cyclists receive information on the healthiest routes to travel by bicycle.

The main innovation lies in combining fixed and mobile measurement stations, providing a greater range of coverage and significantly reducing the costs of implementation and maintenance, which represents a cost savings of up to 60% for the City of Malaga. It allows the making of strategic decisions based on environmental criteria and, in addition, the devices are integrated in a non-intrusive way into the existing resources of the city.