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Riego Inteligente

In the city of Malaga, several intelligent irrigation systems have been installed in recent years, to allow controlling, conserving and optimizing the irrigation of gardens and plant environments. The remote management of irrigation allows to control losses in the system, remotely manage the drive, program the opening and closing of the solenoid valves, issue alarms and monitor consumption. The benefits derived from these actions have been the substantial saving of water, the energetic saving and the diminution of the costs of the maintenance of the installation.

The "Malaga Park" has a remote irrigation system that brings together monitoring, control and irrigation management, so it is able to act on its own depending on the weather situation and the humidity of the land. For this, 50 electrovalves equipped with communicable control modules have been installed using free-band radio frequency technology. These form a meshed network of equipment connected to a node (located in the City Hall), which through GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, sends information to the management software. This system has allowed an annual saving of 28,859 cubic meters of water (30%), which represents a saving of around 21,212 euros.

In the green areas of the Misericordia beach, a network of wireless sensors has been deployed that allows real-time knowledge of those environmental parameters (humidity, salinity, temperature, etc.) or any other type of information that may be relevant to good maintenance and control of the entire installation. In addition, a software solution manages the state of the garden in real time and predicts irrigation needs based on the parameters obtained by the sensors.

In the Botanical-Historical Garden of La Concepcion, the irrigation network has been completely renewed through its automation and incorporation of remote control technologies that can be regulated from a mobile phone, thanks to the incorporation of a radio system connected to a central station located in the main house.  Thus, the system allows to adapt in a simple way the level of irrigation to the needs of the Botanist, according to the temperature or the time of year. The water filtration equipment that comes from the Agujero reservoir, which is used to irrigate the garden, has also been improved.