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Smartcity Malaga


Smartcity Malaga was a project conceived with the aim of complying with the guidelines set by Europe in the field of energy, which promote efficiency, the use of renewable energies and advanced electrical networks with storage capacity. It had a budget of 31 million euros and financial support from the CDTI (Center for Technological and Industrial Development). Led by Endesa, 9 companies and research centers participated and its initiatives had an impact on 11,000 residential, 900 services and 300 industrial users.

Smartcity Malaga involved the user of Smart solutions related to energy efficiency and renewable energy and achieved an optimal integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity grid, bringing generation closer to consumption through the installation of photovoltaics panels in public buildings, the use of electric microgeneration in hotels or the development of mini and micro-wind systems in the area.

Smartcity Malaga is recognized worldwide as one of the largest projects in the field of Smart Grids, both for its size and the multiplicity of work areas involved. This is demonstrated by the numerous visits of authorities and organizations, public and private, who wanted to learn of this pioneering initiative in the sector.

Since it started in 2009 until its completion in 2013, the main advances were: a saving of more than 25% in the electricity consumption of the area of implementation thanks to the use of energy monitoring systems monitoring and the active management of the demand for industrial and residential users. In the case of residential collaborators, a 42% decreased energy consumption by more than 10% of the users thanks to the use of domestic energy efficiency kits that allowed them to manage their spending from anywhere in the world through a smartphone. In addition, 4,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year have been avoided.