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Alumbrado Público Street lighting

A system of telemanagement and energy efficiency for public lighting (TELEC) has been developed, whose final objective is the improvement of lighting systems through advanced computer and communication systems, allowing energy optimization, the automation of operations in a centralized manner, the reception of alarms or the treatment and management of information.

This smart telemanagement network for the lighting has planned its gradual deployment until reaching a thousand electrical panels distributed by the City of Malaga, which control more than 55,000 points of light on public roads. The benefits of this implementation are:

  • Municipal strategic control in various areas such as controlling the scope of the project, the technological evolution, or the costs of implementation and maintenance. It also favors the integration with the municipal Smart City strategy to improve the quality of service to the citizens.
  • Adoption and control of effective energy saving policies, as well as the tracking of billing.
  • Environmental improvement, by reducing the CO2 footprint.
  • Improvement of the maintenance of the facilities, by facilitating the detection of faults and reducing the response times thanks to the remote management by the maintenance personnel.
  • System integration, allowing the sharing or reuse of the largest number of components and integration with other municipal telemanagement systems.
  • Interoperability, as there is compatibility between all the elements, encouraging the use of standards and open software.
  • Independence of suppliers, since the different elements that make up the network allow their evolution independently without the modification in one of the layers having serious repercussions in the rest.
  • Optimize the exploitation and documentation of the lighting installations.