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Farolas LED

One of the main current expenses of a city is street lighting. That is why the city has been implementing a series of saving measures in the public lighting network over the past few years: from the initial installation of astronomical clocks, through the fine tuning of on and off scenarios, the widespread installation of stabilization and reduction for sodium vapor lamps, monitoring and control of the network, and ending with the current replacements and new installations with LED technology.

Thanks to the investment made in energy efficiency, the optimization of electricity rates and the regulation of astronomical clocks for switching the installations on and off have been achieved.

The savings on the bill for street lighting amounts to 16% per month. This saving of consumption extrapolated to public buildings and traffic lights amounts to a total saving of 40%.

On the other hand, the installation of flow stabilizers-reducers in 70% of the city's public lighting that reduces the intensity of light up to 40% (in hours of less pedestrian traffic), has meant an annual saving of 1.5 million euros in 2015 in the electricity consumption of public lighting.

To date, 5,300 points of light have been changed to LED technology in the public lighting network and internal lighting, has meant a saving of 200,000 € per year (amortization over 3 years).