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Park of the Laguna de la Barrera

La Laguna de la Barrera

The City has installed a public lighting system with LED technology powered by photovoltaic energy with batteries in the pedestrian walkways of the Laguna de la Barrera Park. It has an intelligent management system that allows you to analyze the different weather and situations to provide optimal lighting.

The fundamental criteria followed by the system for its activation in the most adverse conditions, is based on using a maximum of a percentage of the solar energy stored in its batteries during the day. The system is aware of the stored energy, the daily hours without light and the time of year it is working. Using this information, it  automatically self-manages the energy to ensure lighting throughout the night.

The decision to install luminaires powered by solar energy and batteries, means that the installation of more than 1,150 meters of electrical conduits, manholes and their corresponding wiring has been avoided. This solution has avoided any type of impact on the existent vegetation, as well as the possibility of the future theft of cabling.

El Duende Football Field

Campo de Fútbol de El Duende

The recent renovation of the outdoor lighting of the football field "El Duende" has brought the following results:

  • The technological improvements in the projection elements for large sports facilities has been decisive for the success of this action. The improvement in the shape and materials of the reflectors integrated in the asymmetric optics projectors makes it possible to use much more efficiently the luminous flux from the lamps.
  • Saving of primary energy obtained: the decrease in installed power developed in the operation (41.72% with respect to the original) allows primary energy savings on an annual basis of 1.73 Tep.
  • Replicability: The success of the new installation of lighting in terms of energy efficiency and improvement of the quality of life of citizens allows us to suppose that this action will become the first of a long series of interventions on sports lighting installations in the City of Malaga.

Flexiciency Project


The City Council of Malaga is a member of the European project Flexiciency (Energy services demonstration of demand response, FLEXibility and energy effICIENCY based on metering data), belonging to the call LCE-7-2014 "Distribution Grid and Retail Market" of the Horizon 2020 program and executed between 2015-2019.

The 4 main operators of electricity distribution systems in Italy, France, Sweden and Spain are associated in this project together with software suppliers, system integrators, research institutes and small and large consumers (as is the case of the City Council of Malaga) with the objective of studying in 5 European demonstration regions the deployment of new efficient services in the retail electricity markets (ranging from advanced energy monitoring to local energy control, including flexibility services). It is possible to accelerate these services thanks to an open European market based on the interactions between the interested parties and the opening of the energy market to the new actors at the level of the European Union.

The services resulting from the project will allow:

  • The provision of smart meters data to all actors in "real time." In this sense, users can have a better and greater amount of information about their consumption and their energy behaviors and make use of the means available on energy monitoring and control.
  • The development of a standardized environment and APIs for services and data exchange in the European Union. Measurement data are provided in a standardized and non-discriminatory way (with the consent of the user) to all actors in the electricity markets (retailers, electric aggregators, ESCOs or Energy Service Companies and final consumers), facilitating the creation of new markets for energy services, improving competitiveness and fostering the entry of new players and benefiting energy consumers.
  • The creation of recommendations for those responsible for the regulation and preparation of policies related to the energy market.