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EMT Málaga

The Malaguena Transport Company (EMT) is a national reference in terms of the application of new technologies for the improvement of public transport management. In addition to using geolocation for transport vehicles for internal management for a number of years, it has made a great effort to make this information accessible to citizens with different initiatives.

In 2008, the EMT started a unique technological project: joining the contactless card and the mobile phone to allow for purchase on the bus. Since then, there is a payment system on board every Malaga bus, using Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, it is possible to validate each trip only by bringing the mobile phone to the reader located inside 100% of the bus fleet, buy and make use of transport tickets and inform the user through NFC tags about schedules, lines and waiting times at stops.

The EMT has also developed an application based on "Augmented Reality" technology which allows residents and  tourists, to know the location of the closet bus stops of the EMT and the time of arrival of the next bus. It works from any smartphone and with any telephony operator, besides being easy to use it is free.

Another initiative, which has been developed entirely by the EMT, allows smartphone users to use the built-in camera to capture a QR barcode. Once the reading is done, the application redirects directly to the EMT website, where the bus schedule for that stop is shown on the mobile screen. All this in an operation that takes a few seconds and is completely free. In addition to utilizing a technological novelty, this new initiative involves saving the traditional SMS cost that until now had been used and had a cost of € 0.15 per message (operator price).

The EMT has a fleet of 250 vehicles, of which 62 are articulated, 20 minibuses (10 m), 4 microbuses (8 m) and the rest standard buses (12 m). This fleet is controlled by a GPS system, which shows the real-time situation of each bus. The management center of the EMT controls the route times and the speeds of the buses.

The most used fuel is biodiesel, although adblue diesel vehicles are also used. It also has four vehicles of compressed natural gas, four hybrids and one full electric.