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Centro Histórico Peatonalizado

The Mobility Area has technological innovation systems related to the observation, analysis and monitoring of advanced parameters. Among all the systems, it is worth highlighting the information related to the television cameras, the traffic intensities, the travel times and the effects of construction or events in the public space.

The MOVIMA Observatory is made up of the Management Center, the Signaling Center and the Traffic Light Center.

The Management Center has a closed circuit television, which allows to observe the evolution of traffic conditions in real time, and with a computer system fplans are implemented in the traffic lights of regulation that most favor mobility.

The Traffic Light Center was created at the beginning of 2008, with the objective of managing the maintenance, repairs and installations of the traffic light elements, maintaining at all times an updated inventory of the components that make up the traffic light network of the city of Malaga.

Finally, the Signaling Center, created at the end of 2007, is responsible for the maintenance of both vertical and horizontal signaling, with the main objective of updating the inventory of vertical and horizontal signaling.

The "Integral Access System to the Historic Center", designed to control and restrict access to all areas of greater cultural and tourist interest, constitutes the main protection measure of the Historic Center and effectively guarantees sustainable mobility. The controlled access of all modes of transport is allowed, in a rational way over time and depending on the available spaces.