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Presentación CERN

Pioneers / Promalaga aimed at the promotion of new business and business activities based, especially, on technological innovations. The main objective of the Ineustar-Pioneers / Promalaga program is to promote the transfer of CERN technologies to different companies so that they can carry out their work. It has the technological support of Ineustar (Spanish Association of the Science Industry) and Promalaga, which supports startups in the incubation process and facilitates the use of their facilities for the projects that are selected.

The headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is one of the largest and best-considered centers in the world for scientific research. Its fields of interest are  the fundamentals of physics, the search of the origin and the last constituents of matter. At CERN you will find the largest particle accelerator in the world, and the most complex scientific instruments used to study the basic components of matter and elementary particles.

The Spanish Association of the Science Industry (Ineustar) is a non-profit and private organization, formed by Spanish companies that work for organizations dedicated to the conception, design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and scientific instruments of any field, to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and to the strengthen innovation throughout Spain. Ineustar carries out, with the collaboration of Promalaga, cooperative actions with universities, associations, organizations, etc. to disclose business opportunities derived from CERN technologies. In addition, it supports each new initiative from the technological point of view closest to the market as well as the possible alliances with third parties, given its outstanding presence in the scientific and industrial media.

The startups selected by Promalaga and Ineustar become part of the Incubator Network of Promalaga, they can receive up to € 40,000 in grants, use CERN technology during two years of incubation at the Promalaga CityLab, a technological incubator located in the center of Malaga.

In addition to the incubation in Promalaga, two people from each selected startup can travel to the CERN facilities in Geneva, up to three visits per year, to improve the technological suitability of the initiatives with CERN technology and knowledge. This Organization also provides support on its technology and its identifying stamps to the selected startups.