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Promalaga Startcamp


In 2016, the Municipal Enterprise of Business Initiatives company (Promalaga) launched an acceleration program called Promalaga Startcamp aimed at 23 projects for innovative entrepreneurs in the field of health, sports, digital platforms, research and new technologies. The program has been carried out in collaboration with the ESESA business school (partially owned  by the City of Malaga) and the company Keiretsu Forum (an international network of private investors), allowing entrepreneurs to acquire a range of knowledge necessary for the start-up of their companies.

The program invited investors interested in startup  projects with the objective to provide participants with techniques and knowledge for project search, for evaluation and assessment, in order to help operations and to create value until the successful divestment of the project.

With the completion of Promalaga StartCamp, the municipal company Promalaga continues to fulfill its objectives of promoting the creation of innovative companies, creating jobs and enhancing the value of Malaga's entrepreneurial talent. It uses tools to support the creation of companies through Malaga Emprende, as well as an extensive Network of Technological, Creative and Cultural Incubators, and spaces for the development of innovative projects and urban technologies.