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Promalaga Go2work


The Go2Work program was launched in April 2016 and is an acceleration project with collaboration between the EOI (School of Industrial Organization) and the City of Malaga, through Promalaga, which has co-financing from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

A pre-incubation program was developed in 2016 in the Promalaga Alamos building, a Coworking space which encourages synergies and the exchange of knowledge. With this initiative, the City of Malaga seeks to strengthen the digital industry community, as well as attract professionals from the field of entertainment, audiovisual media, music and art.

During the first edition, focused on the videogame industry, different types of activities were developed: Workshops, Group Training Sessions, Mentoring and Events. As a closing to this edition,the participating projects, their evolution and the possibilities of collaboration were presented during a "Demo Day."

The Go2Work program is enabling entrepreneurs to be trained in areas such as marketing, finance, cybersecurity, innovation, or negotiation, and is co-funded by the European Social Fund. It provides the participants with four fundamental elements for their development: the coworking space, industry specific business mentors , workshops and training sessions, and assitance with the search for financing and investment.

During the mentoring process, the experts advise entrepreneurs and startups to apply the Lean startup methodology and design a Roadmap for each project. This roadmap is made based on the initial state of the companies at the beginning of the program and is carried out with a focus oriented to the most appropriate business model in each case. In addition, other specialized mentors, assigned specifically to each project according to their technical or management needs, provide support and coaching during the development of the project.