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FIWare Zone


FiWare Zone is a joint initiative of Telefonica and the Ministry of Employment, Business and Commerce of the Andalusian regional government to support and to promote solutions in different sectors such as Smart Cities, Smart Ports, Smart Logistics, Industry 4.0, Smart Agrifood and e-Health, using the European FiWare standard, all under the AndalusianSmart strategy.

In the Tabacalera complex, specifically in the Open Future space known as "La Farola", one of the pioneering centers of FiWare technology has been located. It trains  companies, entrepreneurs, students and other agents in the FiWare standard of development of Smart applications and services.

FiWare is the platform for the development of Internet applications of the Future promoted by the European Union. In this platform, Malaga is the Spanish city that is contributing the most data sets (with a total of 735 datasets as of 11/15/2017). In this platform, startups, multinationals, universities and developers in general, have access to tools that allow them to develop applications quickly and with the integration of city data.

Among the actions of the Fiware Zone is the" IoT Challenge ", consisting in "calls" or public tenders about IoT (Internet of Things) projects in the sectors.

The public administrations pose a problem in each municipality, which is called "challenge", so that companies or entrepreneurs can choose to solve it and pilot it in that city.

The role of the sponsor within the IoT Challenge is to refine the challenge on which a solution will be developed, so that it will benefit from the deployment process, to monitor its development and implementation and to support the winning company throughout the process of creation and deployment of the pilot.

Among all the proposed "challenges", the assessment committee chooses two to subsequently make a call where interested companies and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their best solutions.