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Digital Transformation

Sede Electrónica del Ayuntamiento de Málaga

The City Council of Malaga has a Strategic Plan for Electronic Administration (2015-2018), which addresses the Architecture, Government and Management of the Electronic Administration such as Common Electronic Processing Services, backoffice Management Systems, Interoperability, Security and Support Infrastructure.  It defines the organization and methods for implementation of the Electronic Administration Plan and the management of the impact on the organization and the public employee including Legal Support and the Observatory of Electronic Administration.

The City of Malaga has been working for some time to enforce Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, and Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector, by which the Administration is obliged to process administrative procedures by electronic means. For this purpose, the City has provided an Electronic Headquarters of the Town Hall platform that provides municipal employees with an electronic file processing tool fully integrated with the “MyFolder” service. This platform allows both interested and municipal employees to relate by electronic means.

In 2016, a new version of the municipal electronic file processing platform was developed, which allows the municipal employees to carry out through electronic means those procedures that are directly related to citizens.

The City of Malaga has not been limited to the electronic processing of administrative procedures, but has made progress in the construction of numerous electronic services that can be carried out immediately by interested parties.

Citizens have at the electronic headquarters of the City of Malaga, a large number of municipal services that can be carried out in an electronic manner. Since 2016, not only natural persons benefit from the advantages offered by the electronic headquarters of the City of Malaga, but also all legal entities as well. Services demanded by legal entities, such as obtaining proof of debts, are currently carried out in the electronic headquarters of the City.

The procedures of the different Municipal Areas can be done from home. Through the “MyFolder” service, interested parties can complete the corresponding application online, sign it, attach the documentation required by the procedure and present it electronically. At any time, they can consult the status of the file that has been generated, attach the documents that are claimed, consult the documents that the City Council communicates, receive electronic notifications or make the payment of the municipal fees required by the process. In addition, all individuals or legal entities that wish to act on behalf of others may also do so through the “MyFolder” service.

In conclusion, between 2015 and 2017 a total of 172 services have already been published in the Electronic Headquarters, and there are 15,652 registered users in the “MyFolder”service (through which 19,312 instances have been submitted) and 351 internal users of the TRAMITA platform. 472 municipal employees have been trained in the electronic file processing platform. As a note to highlight, all these processes have resulted in savings in paper amounting to more than 3.3 million euros.

At present, EMASA, Traffic and EMT services are already integrated in the Municipal CPD.

In addition, and given the importance of its IT infrastructure and communications, the City of Malaga already has a redundant data and communications process center meaning serious damage to a team or even the CEMI building does not suppose the disruption of the municipal ICT services.

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