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Open Government

Gobierno abierto

The aim is to promote the development of a new model of citizen participation in the decisión making process of the municipal government through the establishment of "Open Government" thereby strengthening the transparency of the public activity of the City of Malaga and encouraging the active and close participation of citizens in the decision making of general interest and the establishment of public policies and programs.

Web Open Government

Open government includes three verticals:



The Dynamic Signage system allows the distribution of multimedia content, presenting updated information to citizens. The bjective is to provide knowledge about the projects in the city, municipal campaigns, corporate information, news, etc.

Citizen participation


The City of Malaga has a highly developed citizen participation policy, despite the magnitude of the city, with a census already exceeding 575,000 inhabitants. The City Council of Malaga maintains a policy of citizen participation regulated by the "Organic Regulation of Citizen Participation" policy This policy is unique in Spain, and is characterized by:

  • Constitution of Neighborhood Councils
  • Constitution of Sectoral Councils
  • Elaboration of Participatory Budgets
  • Information Offices
  • Explicit right of access to files and records
  • Progressive Forecast for the Promotion and Integration of TICs

Open Data

datos abiertos

The philosophy of open data is a very interesting, since the provision of municipal and city data for the development of web or mobile applications can facilitate the generation of an ecosystem of developers and businesses from the exploitation of the data.

The City of Malaga currently has more than 735 data sets that are not only available in its open data portal, but are also accessible from the national portal To this end, the staff of the Municipal Computer Center has designed a module that has been shared as free software and that allows other cities to "federate" their data (integrate them with other web portals) with the government portal, or with the web portal inlcuding FiWare and others.

On the other hand, the European project SMART-FI (in execution), in which Malaga is a demonstration city, is developing a platform that allows the city council, developers and anyone else to benefit from the open data offered by the city of Malaga. This platform helps analyze, deploy, manage and interoperate different services in urban environments, exploiting and reusing open data from different sources, mainly from public administrations, but also from other entities.

The accumulation and massive storage of all this data (big data), as well as their analysis, allow predictions and even recommendations, which can be very useful for public managers in making decisions about the provision of municipal services. Additionally, it is equally applicable to the small day-to-day decisions of any inhabitant of the city, such aswhat public transport is the most appropriate for commuting to work each day.