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Unidad de Empresas

This is a program in which we work with the objective of encouraging the creation and maintenance of companies in Malaga, keeping in mind that sustainable development begins with the construction of productive and entrepreneurial cities. To do this, as a first contact with entrepreneurs in the city, the Unit offers a complete information service for the creation of companies, focusing on the resources available for entrepreneurial development and advising on the implementation of business projects.

For the promotion of self-employment, the following instruments are used:

  • Personal advice in the process of creating companies through information and accompaniment.
  • Access to alternative means of financing, such as micro-credit programs that enable local entrepreneurs to access better financing conditions than the usual market ones, or the Employment Promotion and Self-Employment Promotion Program, which promotes the creation of companies through support for hiring. This program is entirely financed by the municipal budget.
  • Provision of several business growth or Coaching programs for the improvement of different areas of the company.
  • Training of the business community and local entrepreneurs in the Municipal School of Businesses, through a program that facilitates the updating of companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Conducting business meetings for the eleven districts of the city to facilitate the creation of synergies between companies.

In parallel with the activities of the IMFE, the City of Malaga works in other areas to launch different projects to enhance the business entrepreneurship ecosystem of the city.