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Escuelas Taller

This is a mixed program of training and employment that aims to insert young people under twenty-five years of age into the workforce through their qualification in alternation with professional practice and where the possibility is given to students to obtain a degree in education or secondary school for adults, in case they have not completed the basic regulated training.

The theme on which these projects work is very varied, ranging from the recovery or promotion of the artistic, historical, cultural or natural heritage, to the rehabilitation of the urban environment, the natural environment and the improvement of the living conditions in the cities. The projects developed under this program have a duration ranging from 18 to 24 months, which allows tangible results to be seen in the city and in the target groups, preferably groups at risk of social exclusion.

Of the projects developed in recent years, the following stand out:

  • Workshop School "Energy Efficiency": with actions aimed at the installation of energy efficiency measures in municipal facilities, with training in the specialties of installation of renewable energy equipment and plumbing and electrical installations.
  • Workshop School "Urban spaces": for general maintenance in the urban space of the Palm-Palmilla District, which is a socially degraded area.
  • Workshop School "ICT hardware services": Its objective is to carry out theoretical-practical actions aimed at obtaining the skills of the professional certificate of Auxiliary Operations of