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Incentive training program


Developed by the IMFE (Municipal Institute for Training and Employment), its main objective is to professionally qualify groups with special difficulties of access or reincorporation to the labor market.

For the development of the program, the dual training model is followed, in which theoretical training is combined with on-the-job learning. This program is financed with 100% resources from the City of Malaga and has some local companies where students can complete the internship phase. In this way, there is a bridge between employees and local employers.

Within the Incentive Training program, a wide variety of courses are being carried out, among which we highlight the following with respect to sustainable development and Smart Cities:

  • Management of urban and industrial waste (300 hours)
  • Development of applications for business content management (300 hours)
  • Digital marketing in training (280 hours)
  • Installation of telecommunication systems in the telephone network (140 hours)
  • Aquatic facilities technician (250 hours)